Sharing the love

One of my favorite flowers from today (UGA Trial Gardens Open House) because it made me giggle. :) “Fuzzy Von Stein”Recently, as you might know, we had our Public Open house. It was a huge success in many ways, one of those was simply sharing our love for plants with others. I can’t express to you how much it means to us for people to come up and say, “This place is simply beautiful,” after you’ve worked 7 long hours a day trying to maintain it. I mean, we all know it’s beautiful, but sometimes the beauty slips underneath the reality of 106 degree days, so it’s a nice refresher to hear such a statment. I love meeting people out in the garden because you never know what they’re going to say, if anything at all. If I get asked a question I don’t know, it makes me want to find out and be a more knowledgable person. I think being challenged in the workplace is a wonderful thing.

 If no one ever came to look at this amazing place, well it’d still be amazing, but it’s even more so when we get to share it! I came across this local photographer- who captured our garden beautifully (photos included in this post were taken by her). As a photographer myself, I must say she did a wonderful job. She captures something necessary in appreciating the gardens- the small details. Everyday when I’m out there in the midst of the salvias and baptisias, I see things you normally don’t have the chance to see- insects going about their business, cicadia killer bee’s guarding their nests, lizards scampering, and grasshoppers bounding around… it’s just beautiful. Mrs. Ullah does the garden justice and I invite her to spend a little more time here, as well as the rest of you–in hopes you might get a chance to notice the smallest details. It will enhance your view of the place and perhaps even of life. We hope to see you soon!Another of my favorite photos from the UGA Trial Gardens Open House today. Enjoy. :)


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  1. Chris Hess

    What beautiful pictures and I am really enjoying your blog

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