A Call For Art!

Happy Presidents’ Day!

We are looking for local artists who would like to donate, display, or put their work on consignment in the garden for the spring and summer season. We are also looking to purchase some more permanent pieces.

We feel like this is an opportunity for the Campus and Athens Community to be a little more tightly knit. This also gives the artists an opportunity to get their work out, as well as their name. On our website, we will have a display of the artist name and their medium, as well as contact information for purchasing or inquiries into more work.

image courtesy of: Bob Brussack, athensview.com

Last year, we had a potter bring up some sculptures and display them for our annual Evening in the Garden. We would love to have something like that again this year for our Plant Sales and Open Houses.

The Dates Are:

Plant Sale: April 9th
Industry Open House: June 15th
Public Open House: June 25th

Each of these events brings in hundreds of people and allows for some great exposure as well as opportunities for sales. Please consider this offer and spread the word to all your students, colleagues and friends.

Please contact:

Kelly Preslar
University of Georgia
Horticulture Department
Coordinator of Perennial Trials and Ornamental Breeding
Athens, Georgia 30602
e: kpreslar@gmail.com

There are some limitations to this offer, while we can work with the artists to take measures we must state:
– We cannot be held responsible for theft or damage (We have no way of securing art, the Garden does not have gates or locks)
– Any permanent pieces will remain outdoors and are subject to the environment, unless the artist delivers and picks up pieces
– Anything brought to the Open Houses or Sales are the responsibility of the artists and should be delivered, displayed and picked up before and after the events


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