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Perennial Plant Association flags

Another group has passed through The Gardens and cast their votes on their favorite plants. We have some familiar plants on the list, but also some new ones that have come in nicely as we get later into the summer season. This is just another opportunity to see the wonderful work we are doing here and the beauty that we have to show for it. Enjoy!

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Cool Mixed Baskets at UGA

This year we are trialing mixed baskets sent to us by breeders supporting The Garden. The mixes are determined by the breeders and then put into 14″ or 16″ baskets by The Garden Staff. Baskets are placed outdoors approx mid May. They look spectacular! Take a look! Photos taken July 20th.

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Cool Mixed Containers from UGA

With all the wonderful plants we receive in The Garden, The Garden Staff has put together some pretty amazing combinations. Check out the slideshow! All photos taken on July 5th.

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Chasing the Flags, Round 2

1. Public

Round 2 of this year’s Open Houses has come to a close and what a success it was! This really gives us a chance as researchers to see what catches the Public’s eye so we can know best what to report to the industry to send to market.

Everyone who attended was provided with 5-10 flags and asked to select plants that they absolutely must have in their own personal gardens at home.  On Saturday June 25, 2011, approximately 400 people wandered through the garden, and a good deal of stabbing was done. In fact over 75 plants had at least five flag (not to mention the 100 or so plants that had less than five, but still caught the public’s eye), but we have listed only the top 50 (receiving 8 or more votes), every one is special, remember there are at least 2000 choices in our garden.

Here are the Top 50 flag getters (in parenthesis is the number of flags received):

Top 50

1. Amsonia hubrichtii Arkansas Amsonia (10)

2. Angelonia Carita Purple ’09 (11)

3. Begonia Anna Feile (12)

4, Begonia Cordova (16)

5. Begonia Edinborough (11)

6. Begonia foliosa (8)

7. Begonia Solenia Red Improved (13)

8. Caladium Candyland (18)

9. Caladium Pink Splash (36)

10. Caladium Rose Glow (13)

11. Echinacea Flame Thrower (16)

12. Celosia New Look (17)

13. Coleus Redhead (10)

14. Coleus Two Egg (17)

15. Colocasia esculenta Mojito (9)

16. Dahlia Goldalia Scarlet (28)

17. Dahlia XXL Playa (8)

18. Echinacea Firebird (17)

19. Echinacea Pure Green Jewel (17)

20. Gerbera Funtastic Canary (10)

21. Gerbera Gervinea Brandy (7)

22. Gerbera Landscape Everglades (10)

23. Heliotropium Nagano (11)

24. Heliotropium Scentropia Dark Blue (17)

25. Hemerocallis Carrick Wildon (13)

26. Hemerocallis Lady Elizabeth (7)

27. Hibiscus Cranberry Crush (16)

28. Hibiscus Haight Ashbury (14)

29. Hibiscus Moy Grande (16)

30. Hibiscus Peppermint Schnapps (10)

31. Hibiscus Robert Fleming (13)

32. Hibiscus Royal Gems (21)

33. Hydrangea Pinky Winky (8)

34. Lilium Golden Tycoon (11)

35. Lilium orientale Acoustic (10)

36. Mimulus Buttercup (7)

37. Miscanthus sinesis Gold Bar (9)

38. Petunia Fortunia Purple Picotee (24)

39. Petunia Fortunia Purple Vein(17)

40. Portulaca Pazzaz Tangerine (9)

41. Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton (8)

42. Rosa Mother of Pearl (8)

43. Rudbeckia Denver Daisy (30)

44. Rudbeckia Prarie Sun (13)

45. Ruellia brittoniana Texas Petunia (18)

46. Salvia officinalis Gold Variegated Sage (9)

47. Salvia Sallyfun Blue Emotion (26)

48. Senecio Kilimanjaro (18)

49. Verbena Lanai Denim Blue (13)

50. Verbena Superbena Royale Chambray (14)

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