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Perennials, Classic City Awards 2011

Dear Friends of The Trial Garden at UGA

We take great pride in the Trials at the University of Georgia.  We don’t trial for the sake of trialing or to make us look good or to give us something to do – we trial in the steadfast belief that what we do makes a difference.  When we provide real data under real world conditions, we do so in the belief that someone, breeders, growers, retailers and consumers, will pay attention.  That they are, as seen by better plants being put in front of my daughters, speaks to quality of selection and freshness in the marketplace.   Quality is not limited to fertility standards and spacing, quality is also what consumers, from landscapers to buyers, see when they have a little money to spend.

So, in the steadfast belief that what we do does make a difference, here are the Classic City* Perennial Award winners for 2011, the very best perennials in the trial gardens, based on year round performance and/or eye-clutching beauty.  Of the over 2000 plants in the garden, being a Classic City Award winner is equivalent to the Oscar and Tony rolled up as one.

The Perennials: (in alphabetical order.  All are winter hardy to at least zone 5, unless otherwise noted). The companies in parentheses either bred the plant or supplied the plant to us; however, your broker should be able to obtain all of the winners.

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