Top 10 Roses!

(#1 is ranked as our top choice!)

10. Sunrosa Red/Yellow:These minis are so surprisingly charming and uniform, you’ll want one in each color! Equally gorgeous foliage, flowers & form – tons of blossoms all across deep green leaves. Disease free.


9. Balconia Innocencia:So you can’t make it to Italy?This cascading plant comes to you from Venice with love and sends delicate white blooms all along its dark green leafy branches. Lenten-rose shaped flowers look terrific in hanging baskets, patio containers or on balconies & terraces. Very clean!


8. Rosa CP – 06-5587:Stop the experiment and get this to market! Prolific petite pale pink blooms reminiscent of Phlox flowers atop light green leaves – a definite head turner for those who desire a truly “different” specimen. Healthy, uniform plant with abundant display of tiny flowers makes this a keeper. The UNrose rose. In a word: DAINTY! 


7. Francis Meidiland:To-die-for fragrance only adds to the massive display of huge cream-colored flowers. These love  potion-scented blooms start as out as enormous buds and then cover beautiful, healthy foliage for a 1-2 punch of traditional rose power. Zero flaws from top to bottom…very heat tolerant. She’s big, she’s bold, and she’s been around forever…aging quite gracefully. 


6. Veranda Brilliant Orange:Utterly gorgeous dark green foliage that stays low growing with luscious bright blooms flowing along each branch. Disease-free leaves despite its proximity to the ground. Trails nicely in pots or baskets; remains exceedingly eye-catching with a juicy orange color that screams summer. 


5. Apricot Drift:Pale scent but a prolific bloomer in a compact plant that works well in any space. Leaves are clean, shiny and deep green to compliment the amazing floral display – looks regal & stays rotund.Image

4. White Out:Unusual and enticing petal shape with a squared, rolled appearance at edges – almost a contemporary look within a traditional flower. Large white blooms from head to toe against very lovely, very healthy, dark green leaves. Holds it shape even in wildly windy weather. Completely disease free.


3. Thrive: Beware: it’s so pretty you may think it’s wax! Still, very true to its name when other roses melt. Naturally shiny & uniform leaves compliment abundant floral display. Flowers resemble Camellias with showy stamens that beautifully contrast velvety red petals. Tightly formed, no sprawl, perfect for tight places.


2. Peppermint Pop:A Conard Pyle must have even for folks not crazy about pink! But, after gazing at this one, you WILL be crazy about pink! Numerous electric  hot pink blooms atop a compact, perfect plant. Even as the dazzling flowers fade, they hold their shape w/o messy petal drop. No rogue shoots, easy to maintain and well-worth adding more pink to your rose garden.  


1. Tequila Gold:Brought to you by Conard Pyle. Gorgeous honey-yellow blooms showy enough to make every tea-totaler take a second look…evenly shaped plant with fabulous scent & flawless foliage. Looks great & grows well even on a slope, even in triple digit heat!




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