Liz’s Baptisias

Just wanted to share a few of the best looking baptisias as selected by the lovely Liz…

Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’:  This is the best Baptisia in the Gardens. It has the best foliar health and overall shape. The leaves are a lush green color and have withstood the summer sun and heat very well. The growth has been very compact and dense, though still very vigorous, so the plant stands upright without stakes.


Baptisia ‘Twilight Prairie Blues’: This is definitely the most vigorous Baptisia in the garden. It has grown so large that it had to be staked in order to keep it from falling on neighboring plants. This Baptisia has also kept up its good performance all summer and still looks very healthy.


Baptisia minor ‘Blue Pearls’:  This is a smaller Baptisia that has great shape and dense, healthy foliage. The way the foliage seems to fall from top to bottom makes it look like a weeping baptisia. The blue tint of the leaves adds to this effect.

Baptisia ‘Starlite Prairieblues’: The foliage of this Baptisia is beautifully blue. It really stands out when nestled in between plants with dark green foliage, and has performed well in the summer sun.

Baptisia ‘Screamin’ Yellow’: This Baptisia has the most eye-catching display of flowers in the spring, but seems to have been hit by the heat and sunlight this summer. It is the color and endurance of the flowers that make this Baptisia irresistible.



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