Tasty & Tantalizing Tomatoes!

by Lauren Luscre

In a tomato tasting held at the UGA Trial Gardens’ open house on July 10th, our visitors were asked to taste several varieties of tomatoes and choose their favorite. At the end of the tasting, we counted the votes and collected the top five favorite tomatoes based on taste. (The tomatoes are ranked 1-5, with 1 being the tomato chosen most often.)

        1.) Power Pops

        2.) Sweet ‘n’ Neat Yellow

        3.) Topsy Tom and Peardrops (tie)

        4.) Sweet ‘n’ Neat Cherry Red

        5.) Gold Stripe

As far as aesthetics go, all of the varieties grown this year have been keeping on even after the scorching months of June and July. However, there a few that stand out to me as the heat continues and the rain remains scarce as September begins.

        1.) Sweet ‘n’ Neat – Cherry Red, Yellow, Scarlet

These plants looked great from the very beginning and despite the heat they have managed to keep looking good. Their compact shape makes them especially wonderful patio tomatoes and contributes to a less “leggy” tomato once they begin to grow taller.

        2.) Peardrops

I recognize this plant mainly due to its attractive fruit. The fruit is shaped like a pear, hence the name, and has a soft golden color. This trailing tomato falls subtly and looks great in a container.

        3.) Red Stripe and Gold Stripe

Much like Peardrops, the tomatoes on this plant make it what it is. Red Stripe has green stripes on a red tomato and Gold Stripe has green stripes on a yellow tomato. They are extremely attractive even at the beginning when fruit first begins to form.


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