Garden Crew

DR. ARMITAGE- The brains and motivation behind this garden. He founded this lovely place in 1982 along with Dr. Dirr. Since then, we’ve been thriving and growing! Dr. A, as we like to call him, is very passionate about his profession and enjoys sharing his love for horticulture with students and visitors at the garden. He’s written a number of books that you can check out on his own personal website if you’d like-

MEG GREEN -The main contact for the outside world to the gardens. She coordinates with companies that would like us to trial their plants. She is a very experienced gardener/horticulturalist which lends her the job of analyzing our plants and publishing data on their performance. Also a devoted runner, she’s always on the go!


B.J. GARRETT- Our head volunteer that makes things happen around here. She’s a master gardner by trade and a plant nerd at heart.  Her hours here are countless and service invaluable. Also, she can propagate plants like nobody’s business!









BLAINE PRITCHETT-  A husband and father turned student again, Blaine is back in school for landscape architecture. He’s in charge of our trellis expansion project. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand.


2 responses to “Garden Crew

  1. Rosie Walsh


    Alan, I absolutely must come up there and get reacquainted. You’d just better remember me from my days of sitting in on your classes when daughter Laura Walsh was studying with you, and your trips to my home in Roswell with Scott Shepherd in tow. Laura and Scott both live nearby. I’m in Sugar Hill, GA now, gardening in full sun. So miss those fun fun days in Athens with you and deardoctordirrdude.

    Rosemary Walsh

  2. Chuck Hoag

    I have a question for Candler
    My garden (flowers and veggies) has been destroyed by aphids…what kills them and what can I do to prevent them from coming back ?

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